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Ageing and Health Technology Research

This research has spurred my play and movement co-design research with older adults with frailty and dementia, including Body Editing Baycrest and ABLE Platform iterations (Able-Physical therapy, -Music and -Family versions), funded by MIRA, CABHI, Alzheimer Society and Service Canada. The research exploits the synergies of combining movement, interaction and aesthetics in game, art and dance experiences. We create games and apps aiming to restore family relations, reduce loneliness, and enhance physiological, mood and cognitive wellness, via inclusive and data secure platforms. Versions have been iterated over the past 14 years, culminating in a fully functional, intergenerational game for older adults with dementia ( 2021, Physiotherapy Canada 2020) that also contributes to human-machine design and literature (e.g. HCI 2018–21).