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Games and App Development

Our work in human-computer interaction, particularly in technology and human centered design informs work in this area.  

A critical, play-based approach guided our collaborative app development with teens with major depression (ACT) and the Hypermigration game with refugee youth. A similar approach guided my research with, creating an novel online platform for collaborative, and community-accessible pedagogy, including the production of 4 video dialogues for the network (FemTechNet 2014–19). These methods also informed the EFECT project. In this project, community and academic researchers exchanged knowledges, and deployed feminist and anti-oppression techniques to create an open-access Digital Literacy Workbook (2021) for community-based youth education organizations, including training in digital safety, media literacy, and combatting rape culture; the Messy Spaces podcast series on university-community collaboration (2021); an extensive, searchable annotated bibliography resource; and the forthcoming “CARPSI,” tool for emergent, agile and consenting collaboration (EFECT.CA 2021).