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“Hyper-Migration” is an experimental collaborative project with refugee youth in Toronto that investigates how storytelling might be employed in a digital platform to meet the needs of this community, addressing issues such as displacement, social marginalization and a lack of access to educational and job opportunities. As method we combined a praxis approach with  participatory-action research, informed by feminist, postcolonial, trauma and refugee studies. In an experimental art-based approach that aspires to design failure (Halberstam), the project shifts in strategy and objective as the refugee youth gain confidence and skills and determine their priorities, as they iteratively test and redesign a social action game.  At the end, the youth designed a game requiring cooperation to ‘win’ in a game where players learn skills for surviving and thriving in Toronto as refugee, and potentially undocumented, youth. 


(2016). Lessons in failing well: Hyper-Migration— a postcolonial, feminist storytelling platform with refugee youth. InTensions. 8.0. (accessed July 15, 2021) (32 MS pages).