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Human-Machine Interaction Research

As a life-long dancer, my work has challenged theory (following Nakamura/Chow) claiming subjects are disembodied in networks, while also pursuing the limits of digital embodiment. This project creates sensory-responsive interfaces that engage dancers/movers in apperceptive (or unthought) interaction with digital interfaces. The Body Editing interface (Grand 2014) produced the creative movement experiments, Dance your Data and Pas des Deux with (Algorithmic) Creature (4S 2015, HCI 2016) with generous funding from GRAND NCE and CIVDDD. This work explores how aesthetics and movement inform interactivity, and likens interactive experience to the complexity of cognition, where perceptions continually shift in response to sensory stimuli. We employed this interface in design movement-based (e.g., Pollinator, Emerge Exhibition 2016), and collaborative games set in galaxy and ecosystem environments (OCE Discovery 2015).