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Interactive Game Experiments, With Sensors and Gesture-Based Technologies: Kaleidoscope, Mandala and Pollinator

Based on the technology developed in our Body Editing and ABLE projects, we created interactive games for use by a broad population. In these games, we experimented with collaborative strategies that required cooperation to win. In the case of pollinator, the collaborative strategy aligned with the conceptual theme of these ecosystem games, inviting players to feed bees (other players) to create nectar, which will then create healthy green spaces.

The kaleidoscope game allowed users to throw particles via gesturing, to create particle interactions, to create an emergent kaleidoscope. In the Pollinator game, users can use gesture and/or their cellphone (transformed into a game console) to play the games, supporting diverse user preferences, and accessible design aims.

These were exhibited at the Emerge Exhibition, Tempe AZ 2016 and the OCE. OCE Discovery Convention, Metro Toronto Convention Centre, 2016.

Research Team

Principle Investigator: Paula Gardner,
Student Researchers: Stephen Surlin, Hart Sturgeon and Nason Scott


A mac mini loaded with program, keyboard, mouse, speakers, an X-box Kinect, and projection screen and speakers, mobile phones