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Trans-Faculty Ageing and Technology Health Research

With collaborators, I have won significant funding as Co-PI (NSERC, MIRA, McMaster Strategic Alignment Fund, Service Canada, etc.), in trans-faculty, user-centered ageing technology research, contributing my expertise in collaboration and co-design. sMAP (Smart Mobility for Ageing Population Project 2020–21) is a novel, user-centred and interdisciplinary training platform designed for diverse graduate students. MacM3 (Map by Mobility Project 2020–21) is developing a comprehensive tool with older adults enabling them to self-monitor and -manage future mobility needs. sMAP and MacM3 share a commitment to user-centered design, data privacy and security, combatting digital ageism and positioning older adults as agent-designers of their wellness and futures. To date we have delivered (and offered) the sMAP certificate training program (Canadian Journal of Ageing 2021) and are on track to produce a functioning, MacM3 mobility tool by 2025. In this work, I seek to innovate inclusive technologies and to correct ageist, colonial practices in Canadian health and research by addressing implicit bias and diversifying Canadian health research participation and data archives. This interest informs our recent $2.4 million grant CIHR proposal (2021) to launch a pan-Canadian, critical-race informed, and stakeholder-centered academic training program in aging and mobility.